A downloadable game for Windows

This is the EARLY ACCESS to Apex: Zombies, a randomly generated sandbox zombie survival game one day aspiring to become an MMORPG.

Create your own custom character, kill zombies, gather and manage resources, craft weapons and traps, build, find and save survivors, keep them happy, set them tasks, and watch them develop relationships.

NOTE: This game is still in early development. The INTERFACE, GRAPHICS, GAMEPLAY, MENU'S, AUDIO and AI, are NOT finished and do not represent the finished product, BUT are pretty close and will still give you a good feel for where the game is headed and how to play it. ANY donations at all would be a MASSIVE help as we have no funding and this is currently a one man project that has taken over 2 years just to get where it is today, any fundings would greatly speed up the process and hire other programmers and graphics designers to work along side me.

Download demo

Apex Zombies Beta.exe (21 MB)

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